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Welcome to Pennants4Patchworkers! Scroll down page to see pennant pictures. CLICK ON ABOUT FOR INFO AND WHERE TO SEND YOUR PENNANTS

Many thanks to all who took part in our pennants extravaganza, either making or winning or buying a ticket and not winning. The total for four days was £5,364.83, but that’s only the beginning of the end, or the end of the beginning. We had such a wonderful response, that we still have pennants whic may appear in a raffle (or tombola) near you. The above totoal will increaseover the next few weeks- keep checking. Here’s an increase, Jane Steward, Marilyn Lovett, Vivien Finch and friends had a pennants sale over the last weekend at Hever and made an amazing £1443.61. So the total to date is £6808.44. Thank you to you all, sellers and purchasers. Perhaps we can get to £7,000 Please send in pictures of winning pennants in situ, we’d love to know that they’re in good homes. Thanks to everyone, Judith

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2010 in review

The stats helper monkeys at WordPress.com mulled over how this blog did in 2010, and here’s a high level summary of its overall blog health:

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In 2010, there were 1962 new posts, growing the total archive of this blog to 2003 posts.

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The top referring sites in 2010 were quiltersguild.org.uk, lindakemshall.com, quiltingonline.co.uk, search.virginmedia.com, and mail.yahoo.com.

Some visitors came searching, mostly for pennants for patchworkers, pennants4patchworkers, http://www.pennants4patchworkers.wordpress.com, pennants4patchworkers.wordpress.com, and pennants4patchworkers.wordpress.com/.

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Templates (Patterns) October 2009


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What’s Occurrin’ March 2010

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Final Totals

It’s now November 2010, and we have finally reached our target of £7,000. Many thanks to all involved including our President and Trustees. To everyone who made, bought, or manned our stand, thank you. And the bonus was to meet lovely people who enjoyed our quirky brand of humour. Watch out for the next fundraiser which is being organised by the Traditional Group. Judith

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Take six pennants

Dian Smith shows you just what you can do with six pennants

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Reporting for Pennant Duty at the Festival of Quilts

From left, Helena, Wendy, Pat, Joy and Judith.

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day one at foq

well day one at the festival of quilts is over and what a day pennants4patchworkers have had thanks to all who bought tombola tickets. so if any of you plan to visit over the next three days come along and joinin the fun with us

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Crazy Butterfly

Crazy Butterfly Maureen Briggs

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What’s black and white and yellow

Maureen Briggs pennant

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Festival Four II

Festival Four II Enid Paine

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Festival Four

Festival Four Maureen Briggs

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Lovely Leaves

Lovely Leaves by Renate Romer

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Scrappy Rail Fence II

Scrappy Rail Fence II by Jane Grendon

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Scrappy Rail Fence I

Scrappy Rail Fence I by Jane Grendon

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Bow Tie II

Bow Tie II by Jane Grendon

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Bow Tie I

Bow Tie I by Jane Grendon

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Training Day!!

Three of your Miniatures Committee arriving for Tombola Training .It's easier to plait fog than keep them in order! Come to our stand at The Festival and see what they learned....or not..

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Scottish Swirls

Thanks to Georgina Chapman for three "specials".

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Georgina’s Gem

Heather colours very appropriate on this pennant from Scotland by Georgina Chapman

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Scottish Swirls

If only I could.....Thank you Georgina Chapman

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Flying South

Geese with folded wings by Pat Ashton-Smith

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All flying East by Pat Ashton-Smith

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Interlocking Circles

Thank you for this lovely stitching

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Libby and Tora’s Day at The Seaside

Libby (Mom) and Tora (Daughter) made this together. Keep sewing together girls.

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Blue Anchor

Thank you Trudy Steer from your pennant from The Isle of Man

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Annette loves Crazy

From one of Julia's patterns made by Annette Roles

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Start the week from Mad Hatters in Swansea

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Hope it isn't raining....by The Mad Hatters in Swansea

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dashing away with the smoothing iron by Mad Hatters in Swansea

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Happy days Mad Hatters in Swansea

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O.K., bake, but I'm telling you, one member of this group makes the best sandwiches in the World Mad Hatters in Swansea

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every Friday?? Mad Hatters in Swansea

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and it's time to start all over again By the Mad Hatters in Swansea Quilters

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Spend, Spend, Spend

These are £1 coins, pennant shapes of course. Bring your £1 coins to the Festival, and see if they win you a beautiful pennant! Sun shining on these make them look like winners...

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Tree Bark, Roses and Beads

Delightful, and possibly the last pennant before The Festival from Dena Stokes

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Shades of grey

Shades of Grey Deborah O'Hare (I want to win this one - Joy)

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Sunset Flower

Sunset Flower Deborah O'Hare

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Daisy Daisy….

Daisy Daisy......Deborah O'Hare

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Tickled Pink

Tickled Pink Deborah O'hare

15 August 2010 at 4:04 pm 1 comment

Little Blue

Little Blue Deborah O'hare

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The other half of Happy Birthday

Happy Birthday, all one set of pennants to big to picture in one by Gail Matthias

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Half of Happy Birthday

Half of happy birthday Gail M

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Cute little pockets Diane Pike

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Be Happy

Be Happy - M Small

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A Wonky Yorkshire Rose

A Wonky Yorkshire Rose EMG

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Manx Lozenges

Thanks to Trudy Steer for this unusual paper pieced pennant.

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Tumbling Blocks

(It’s not tooo late Mary

Oops, one's fallen right off! by Mary Hewson (It's not too late Mary, and Ilove the quilting)

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Kirkheaton Cup Cakes

Pink icing, lovely for tea time from Kirkheaton Group in Region 14, and not a calorie in sight!

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Gingham Icing Mmmm

Coffee time must be a very bright affair at Kirkheaton Group in Region 14

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Cherry on the Top

Calorie-free Cup cakes from Kirkheaton Group

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Kirkheaton Cup cakes 4

This group understand that part of quilting is cake...Kirkheaton Group in Region 14

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One Wee Duck

Coming as it does from Scotland, are you sure it's not something larger than a wee duck? By Sheila Robertson of Edinburgh Quilters

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