This is the blog for Pennants4Patchworkers, the Quilters’ Guild fundraiser for Festival of Quilts 2010.  We invite everyone to make pennants for patchworkers!

At the Festival of Quilts in August 2010,  it’s the turn of the Miniature Quilt Group  to organise the fundraising tombola : we have been asked to make Pennants for Patchworkers (no, they don’t have to be miniature!).Pennants can be any size up to A4, of isosceles triangle ,three layers and quilted. We are hoping to collect in about 2,500 pieces of work – can you contribute, please?  Any technique (almost) works: applique, pieced, stitched in a Celtic design, shadow applique; if you fancy trying a new technique, a small piece is a good place to start.  No hanging sleeve is required. 

.If you need any more information, please contact Judith Dursley or Joy Morgan:  

 judith.dursley @ ntlworld . com  or joy . wales 1 @ ntl world. com   and we’ll happily chat about Pennants with you.  PLEASE REMOVE SPACES FROM JUDITH OR JOY’S  E-MAIL ADDRESSES BEFORE USING THEM.To post pictures of your pennants here e-mail them to: 

 pennants4patchworkers @ googlemail.com . PLEASE REMOVE SPACES FROM OUR E-MAIL ADDRESS BEFORE USING IT. The spaces are in our e-mail addresses to protect us from spam; please remove the spaces before using them. Send your completed pennants to either

 Judith Dursley, 47 St. Helens Avenue, Swansea, SA1 4NF,  UK 

  or   Joy Morgan, 40 Caradoc St., Port Talbot, SA13 1UE,  UK 


Latest Dates for Sending Pennants

 The latest date for sending in your pennants is really anytime before the festival- so that we can photograph them; or indeed, we’ll be happy to collect them during the four days of the show in Birmingham if you really can’t manage to post. HOWEVER, for the sake of the sanity of the pennants committee, if you have completed offerings, we’d be glad to receive them asap!     Judith

TO POST PICTURES OF YOUR PENNANTS HERE EMAIL THEM TO:  pennants4patchworkers @ googlemail.com

Judith on the Pennants stand at the Guild A.G.M. flying the flag and getting more people involved, she worked so hard she became a blur!

As well as individual pennants, we invite you to get together with friends to make a set or collection of pennants. We already have a few sets of pennants started with groups of two to seven at the moment making a set of pennants around a theme.  Any theme will do, e.g. seasons, flowers, hearts, colours, patterns….up to you.  These group/friendship sets would be special prizes, similar to the Littlegems made by ‘Names’  were this year.

Join us making Pennant shaped quilts
Size?   A4 or smaller


To be read/sung to  Joseph’s  ‘Any Dream will do’

Far far away, an idea is forming,
and by the morning
You’ll know what to do

You carry on with even stitches
put in the ditches

A fancy stitch, a quilters knot
And before long look what you’ve got
An A4 pennant all resplendent
In shades of every hue

So may we ask
That you please make one,
It can be such fun


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