Of course, you can make as many pennants as you like, in whatever style you like! 

AUGUST  only a few days to go now. I challenge you to look in your sewing room, under the machine, on the floor, yes in the bin…for any ufo pennants-you know where they are. Finish them, envelope them and send them to me (Judith) in the next week or so.

FOR THOSE OF YOU LUCKY ENOUGH TO WIN either a pennant or scissor case, please send photos to us of your prize in a prime postion in you home. We’d love to see them.

JULY Challenge- sorry girls, July vanished- I posted but must have forgotten to save!

But in case you need extra ideas we will be providing a monthly challenge: every month, on or around the 1st, we will suggest a style, or a colour scheme, or a technique, which you might like to try out.

It will be interesting to see all the different pennants you produce from our simple guidelines!

January Challenge

My sister is now in Hawaii and I’m in Swansea, so  can we have a nice summery, warm pennant this month please? It may be seaside, or your own favourite summertime image. Can the short side of your pennant be on the left please, making the pennant point to the right. If you prefer to use the more usual short side at the top that’s fine too. Let’s see your works of art.

Jean Pitman has challenged herself to make 50 pennants – you can check on her progress by clicking on her name on the front page.  Good luck Jean – update 2nd March, Jean is up to 25 already!

February’s Challenge
Perhaps we should be traditional and celebrate Valentines Day. There are heart pennants on here already, but perhaps you’d like to try a shadow applique technique to make a lovely muted colour pennant. Hope you get lots of cards on 14 February.

March Challenge

March winds are famous, so lets think about windy things, kites, umbrellas etc. Perhaps a daffodil or two can also appear this month as St.David’s Day is on March 1

 The Group J4 have challenged themselves to make 150 pennants

Judith’s demo on different pennant techniques at Swansea Quilters in January

 And so to April. Well allegedly it’s now Spring, but even here at the seaside there have been snowflakes.The only good thing is that again we have good sewing weather. Can you cheer yourself up by making a “lamb” pennant? This is an easy one- patterns are on the website. If you’re feeling really springlike, how about a daffodil or two- again patterns are here for you. Happy Easter.

Time for MAY challenge  

 In case you have loads of time on your hands over the Bank Holiday,  here’s something to fill your time. March winds, April showers, bring forth MAY FLOWERS. So flowers in any form is the challenge- enjoy it.

 June Challenge.sorry it’s a bit late in being posted. There are only two months left now. If you’ve thought about making a pennant DO IT NOW. Go on, you know it makes sense. If you need a theme, how about beaches and seaside? There’s some lovely fabrics for you to choose from.



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