Hints ‘n Tips

closeupCheck back here regularly for our latest hints and tips.

Did you know that if you click on the name of any of the pennant makers on the right hand side of the home page you will see all the pennants that that person has on this site?

Edge finishes

Here are some close up of two simple edge finishes, the boy, shows the front of the quilt has been turned over to the back of the quilt, and machine or hand stitched in place.  The Angel is the opposite of this, with the background fabric being turned over to the front of the quilt and machine or hand stitched in place.


This is a close up view of the edge stitching on Joan Williams’s ‘I bring you love’ pennant, it makes a very nice finish to a pinked edge – see the full pennant on our home page under Joan Williams
You can make a number of pennants together (see pic above) and cut them out when finished (we used a pinking shears)


Tinty Hip number 4

Try binding your pennant, you may find it easier than turning. I had a naughty pennant which I’d put cord around, and it looked YUK, but as it was already quilted, and it was a sheep, I didn’t want to waste it- so off with the cord, and on with a binding. Voila, no more yukky sheep!

    Another hinty tip.
    To get a sharp point on the very pointy angle of your pennant, don’t sew all the way into the point. Stop about two stitches short and sew across the point,then up the other side. Cut off as much fabric as you dare, including the wadding on either side of the point, leaving a minimal amount of fabric in the point. if you sew in and out of the point, the residue of fabric has nowhere to go. Thanks to June Foster (my first teacher) who learned this from her mum when turning collars on blouses.
    O.K. not really a hint but scissor cases are proving very popular. Have a look on our pattern page, or follow  these simple instructions which mean that you dont need to turn them. You will need two squares of  contrasting fabric and one square of wadding. Size can be any from about 61/2″ to 8″. Place the fabric right side down on your table, then the wadding, then the other square of fabric right side up on top. Place a length of ribbon  (about 3″) sticking out between the layers. Now stitch all around the edge of the square, then “pink” the  edge taking care not to cut the stitching or the ribbon. Now follow the instructions on Templates to finish your scissor case.

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